Joyful seaside Indian wedding in Italy

Joyful seaside Indian wedding in Italy

Joyful seaside Indian wedding in Italy

Indian Wedding by the sea in southern of Italy 

Indian wedding in Italy is trendy nowadays among Indian couples.
The wedding day is unique and it is better to celebrate memorable memories with those who care about you.
So, many Indian couples prefer to plan their wedding with relatives and friends at a beautiful place like Italy.
Especially for Hindu weddings, Italy is the best place to get married.

The stunning bride Avni and her fantastic groom Sital are from the UK.
They have chosen Italy’s Grand Hotel San Michele located at Cetraro in Calabria region, south of Italy, for their destination wedding.
It’s not common to choose south of Italy for destination wedding (of course except Amalfi Coast), as foreigner couples usually prefer Tuscany or places near by art cities, such as Venice and Rome.
But Avni and Sital chose a wonderful place to say “I do” as the Grand Hotel San Michele is standing among citrus grove, olive trees and vineyards by the sea, and its view is simply breathtaking!


Some time couples decide to book our “pre wedding shoot” service.
It usually happens the day before the wedding and it is focused to the empathy of the couple, on the beautiful Italian backdrop. Sometimes we simply follow a welcome dinner among the engaged couple and their guests.
But in this case, we cannot say “pre-wedding”, as it was the wedding itself, because Hindu weddings consist of various ceremonies to celebrate one or two days before their marriage.


Day one


Mandvo ceremony is celebrated to worship Lord Ganesha before the wedding.
The couple and their families are celebrating these ceremonies at separate as per their ritual.
The enthusiasm in the family members is so high while worshiping God.
They want Lord Ganesha to bless the couple for their married life.
I think these pictures, from both groom and bride sides, are perfect for showing the happiness and satisfaction on their faces and the background is so amazing with the Italian sea!
This fantastic venue is perfect to celebrate this particular alfresco ceremony.


What about the Pithi ceremony in Indian Weddings?
In this ceremony, the bride’s and groom’s families make a paste of Turmeric with some other ingredients, which they apply on the face of both groom and bride.
When I asked about Pithi Ceremony to the hosts, they told me that they apply this paste to enhance the glow on the faces of the couple.
Turmeric is a very essential and useful ingredient that leaves a significant impact on the face.
From the ancient time, this ceremony is being celebrated by the Indian Families.
The ceremony is known as different names in different parts of India.
During the Pithi ceremony guests and our wedding couple had a lot of fun and, as photographers, we had fun too!


Day two


It took some time to the groom wearing the turban, helped by his father.
The turban carries the respect and dignity of the person wearing it. It is an essential part of the Groom’s attire.
Our groom Sital was very elegant and looking handsome at the end of the dress up.
Once the groom was ready to go, together with the groomsmen, reached the Mandap, where the ceremony took place, with a music parade and they had been received and welcomed by the bride’s mother.


Our stunning bride Avni dressed-up beautifully her white awesome Lehanga Saree with so many details, a lot of bling bling bangles, of course Mehandi, which is the henna tattoo on her hands, and Jewellery.
The charm on her face and the beauty of her dress is so impressive that we were amazed.


The best thing about this place was the scenic view of the sea from the Hotel.
It was giving an extra-star to the venue.
The view was peaceful, and the people were enjoying while celebrating marriage.
As Italian wedding photographers we have been in many different venues but here, at Grand Hotel San Michele in Cetraro, it was
very easy taking pictures thanks to the stunning panoramic view.


Independent Pictures is very grateful to Avni and Sital to have chosen us as Italian wedding photographers for their gorgeous Indian wedding in Italy, it was a real pleasure and a great experience for us!

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