Italian wedding photographer: Francesco Portelli
I was born in Turin, city which I really love and which I live in. Here I studied and gained experience as a photographer and as a graphic designer, becoming an expert in digital imaging. In 2008, Andrea and I started the Independent Pictures project and since then we have never stopped. I love travelling, I love people, rock music and red wine. As a movie buff, I never miss the chance to watch a good movie of the directors I love, never ending source of inspiration for me and which constantly influences my photographic vision.
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The passion for photography turned into a job when I started working in sports photography, following international events as an official photographer. In parallel, I dedicated myself to street photography, which then became such a huge passion that I decided to use its style in my ceremony reports.
Over the years, I have managed to create my personal photo style, which adds the influence of fashion and art to pure photojournalism. I prefer natural lighting for my photographs, but I love experimenting new techniques in order to always achieve the best result possible.
Furthermore, I am a member of some of the most eminent wedding photography associations in the world.


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I love my job, because it allows me to decide the exact moment in which I can stop time for a second to make it eternal thanks to an image. Making my brides’ and grooms’ most important moments become eternal is my specific goal every time I get ready for a photo shoot. At the end of the day, I have a little treasure, for every smile, every tear, every emotion I have managed to capture, is a fragment of time which people shall be able to re-experience.




Italian wedding photographer

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