Today is the day when Independent Pictures changes its look and feel.
A complete renewal that still preserves its internal passion, commitment and fire that fuel our desire to amaze you through images.

Over the past years we had the opportunity to work for so many couples that were not just “a groom and a bride” to us, but really wonderful people, extraordinary fellow adventurers which we will keep in our hearts forever.

Our amazing job has allowed us to get in touch with cultures and traditions from all over the world.
We laughed, cried, danced together and toasted: this is why it makes us so proud to know that all of them – no matter if they are in Italy or abroad – will always keep our images at their homes.

Today is the day we changed. We are looking forward to sharing with you our images, emotions and stories.. your stories.

We are very happy to introduce you the new Independent Pictures team, and so thankful to all those who worked behind the scenes contributing to the success we reached so far.

Now it’s your time: follow the black butterfly!

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