Riccardo: Photographer

When it came to forming an acknowledgement for the front page of his Master’s Thesis, Riccardo wrote: “I give my thanks to photography which allows me to make the most beautiful moments of my life, and those of the people around me, never ending”.

Photography is an inbuilt part of his DNA. It always has been and still is his career, hobby and ongoing entertainment. It inspires in him passion and powerful feelings which increase day by day. He knows when a unique moment appears and never fails to harness and capture it. Unbelievably, his first photo was taken when he was just six years old when he made use of a camera still equipped with 126 format film.

Since then he has continued to develop both his wedding and sports photographic technique whilst simultaneously working with magazines and agencies. He has a flair for the photo-journalistic style which lends itself wonderfully to wedding ceremonies. Riccardo is also an accomplished portrait photographer.

As a passionate dancer, he excels when it comes to folk, Caribbean and Argentinian tango. A doting family man, wherever he goes, his camera goes with him, ensuring that he never misses the opportunity to record the most important events in life with one eye only.

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