Luca: Photographer

Born and grown up in Milan, his origins are actually from Naples area, South of Italy.
Since he was a child he handled a camera, as his granfather was a photographer and taught Luca to this art.
After Sociology degree at Trento University, in 2003 he started to work as a professional documentary photographer.
Often abroad, either to develope photographic projects for Organizations, or just to improve his own skills, Luca travels around Europe, Africa, South America.
He currently lives between Italy and Brazil, and he devotes himself to reportage, fashion and, of course, wedding photography.
Especially photojournalistic style lets him tell true stories. They pour out fragile lives in Dakar shanty town, as well as the beauty in Milan and San Paolo fashion week backstage, or a romantic walk of newlyweds along Lake Como shores. Anyway he always tries to empathize with the situations he lives and the stories he wants to tell.

“If your pictures aren’t good enough, you aren’t close enough” as said by Robert Capa

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